Barbecue Smokers Infuse Food With Rich Flavor

When it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing compares to barbecue smokers. They are the best way to infuse your food with the rich, smoky flavor that many people feel is essential to barbecue. They can be purchased through many different online and local sources, but the best ones are often homemade. They come in a wide variety of sizes and can be fueled by several different means. Barbecue smokers are essentially an enclosure that is designed to create smoke as a means of cooking food. The food never comes into direct contact with flame or the heat source. Instead, smoke and heat is drawn into the enclosure, providing the ultimate environment for slow cooking. The heat and smoke can be provided through the use of a number of methods including electricity, wood, charcoal or gas. Wood is generally the favorite smoke producing medium, and many professional and amateur grill masters have their favorite types of wood, as each type of wood has its own unique flavor characteristics.

Barbecue Smokers best way to infuse your food with the rich flavor

One of the most important things to remember when using barbecue smokers is the volume of air flow. The amount of air that moves through the smoker impacts the heat and smoke density inside. Ideally, the inside of the smoker should be around 225 degrees. Maintaining this temperature by adjusting the air flow often takes some trial and error before one can do it with consistency. This is part of the “art” of smoking food, and unfortunately it does take some practice in order to become proficient. Nearly any meat, or vegetable for that matter, can be easily cooked using a smoker. However, if you’ve never used one before, most people recommend starting out with something simple, like a good brisket. Brisket, and beef in general, is an easy way to get positive results on your first smoking experience. As a general rule, expect about 1.5 hours of cook time for every pound of brisket. This means that a good 10 pound brisket will probably need around 15 hours in the smoker before it’s done.

Barbecue Smokers

Barbecue Smokers

Barbecue Smokers

Barbecue smokers can be found in several basic designs. The water smoker is a popular item for the backyard as it typically takes up little space. These work by placing a reservoir of water between the heat source and the food. The water keeps the food from coming into direct contact with the heat source and the resulting steam keeps the food moist during the cooking process. Pit smokers, commonly called dry smokers, are what most people think of when they hear the term “smoker”. These use a firebox that is mounted to the side of the smoker. As wood burns inside the firebox, the smoke and heat is drawn inside the food enclosure. For many barbecue fans, the pit smoker is the only way to cook your favorite meats and vegetables. Vertical smokers are often used by restaurants and barbecue pits. These devices are shaped more like your average refrigerator and are designed for smoking mass quantities of meat. They usually require some kind of power source, as they can sometimes be equipped with an electric rotisserie.

BBQ Smoker

Nothing beats that slow cooked, smoky flavor that meat has when it’s cooked in a bbq smoker. The smoking process uses soaked or green wood on a bed of coals to heat the meat indirectly. Different types of wood will give the meat different flavors. For the bbq smoker to work properly there must not be any holes for the smoke to escape. Wrapping the meat in plain brown paper will help it retain moisture, but the smoke will still permeate the paper, giving it that delicious taste. A good smoker will produce mouth-watering meats for many, many years. For some using a bbq smoker is not just a way to cook meat, but is an art and a hobby. Experimenting with different meats, woods, cook times, and sauces will yield interesting variations, making it easy for the grill master to come up with his own signature recipe. Smokers are also a great way to feed the whole family easily because they are usually big enough to hold large cuts of meats like a whole side of pork.

Smoker BBQ Grill

For those avid backyard cooks, a smoker BBQ grill makes a great combo. With these, you can have your BBQ grill anytime for weekends and family gatherings. On top of this, you can also have a smoker, which opens up a whole new world of cooking. The design on a smoker BBQ grill often has the large grilling area like any grill. Then to the side of this, there is a smoker. This will usually have multiple racks on which you can put food to be smoked. There are many different styles of smoker BBQ grills, so you can find the one that is perfect for you. Like any grill, they will cover a wide range of prices, from very inexpensive up to thousands of dollars. If you take a look around at all the options you can get, you will soon have a very clear idea of what you want.

Which BBQ Grill is Best for Your Family Time

For many families, having a BBQ grill is a must. They are the ultimate in family cookouts, allowing everyone to be outdoors and have a good time while the food is cooking. Most people can’t picture summer without a grill. Using a BBQ grill to cook food is fun, easy, and fast, especially if you have an infrared grill. There are different types of these grills, so you can pick the right one for you. They are cleaner than a charcoal grill, and have all the benefits of gas and then some. With an infrared grill you get more evenly distributed heat than with other types. The food cooks faster and more evenly, and is less prone to drying out. This is especially important with meat. Nobody likes meat that is dry and stringy.

An infrared BBQ grill generally has a ceramic plate in it that would be heated. This is done by focusing a gas flame on the ceramic. The ceramic plate has thousands of tiny holes in it which are what distribute the heat evenly. These bbq grills can reach temperatures nearly twice what a traditional gas bbq grill can reach. Some grills have infrared on just part of the cooktop. This allows the cook to sear the meat, sealing the juices in, and then move the meat away from the infrared burner to cook more thoroughly. One of the biggest drawbacks to infrared grills for a long time was that they only had high temperatures. This wasn’t good for people who like to slow-cook their foods. But this has been remedied by some BBQ grill makers, who now have low heat options for their grills. Now the same grill that can reach over 700 degrees can be set at 300 as well.

If you are looking to buy the latest and greatest thing in barbeque grills, there are infrared BBQs that have metal plates instead of ceramic. These are expensive and somewhat rare due to their newness, but they are reputed to be even better than their ceramic-plate predecessors. The metal plates have a wider range of temperature that they can cook at, are easier to clean, and cannot break like the ceramic plates can. This makes for easier maintenance and less replacing parts.

If you are interested in a portable infrared bbq grill, you can find these with a quick online search. There aren’t very many options, but the ones that are available are good quality and will last for years with the proper care. There are many places you can buy an infrared BBQ grill. Some specialty barbeque stores carry them, or at least can order one. You can find these stores in person and online. While you are looking for an infrared grill you may want to buy some new grilling tools to go with it. This is because the high temperature of these grills can ruin some tools. You will want to buy a grilling glove and some heat-resistant BBQ tongs as well. Once you have your new infrared BBQ grill you are sure to enjoy the high quality of cooking that it provides.

So how do you decide which BBQ Grill you are going to get?

If you are thinking about buying a grill, you may be daunted by the selection of BBQ grills that are available. Even at a home and garden store there will be many, ranging in size and price. Then if you look online, you will find even more. There are quite a few factors you can bring into account in order to narrow your search results. One of the first things to do is to decide what your price range is. A lot of online stores that sell BBQ grills will either allow you to arrange the results according to price, or will have an option to only see grills within a certain price range. Figuring out how much you are willing to pay will really cut down on the number of grills for you to choose from.

A lot of people seem to think that if you want a cheap grill you have to get charcoal, and if you want an infrared grill you will be paying many thousands of dollars. This isn’t true anymore. Many gas grills are very inexpensive, and you can also find charcoal grills that cost just as much as gas grills. While infrared grills do generally have a high price-tag, they are beginning to drop. Smaller grills and those that only use partial infrared to cook the food are becoming quite affordable. Another thing you are going to need to decide is the kind of fuel you are going to get. Many people have used a specific type for a long time, and are hesitant to use anything else. It is easy to get any kind of fuel in a good quality grill.

The third major deciding factor when choosing BBQ grills is size. If you hardly have a patio to grill on, you may want to get a portable grill that you can put away once you are done with it. Portable grills come in any fuel option. Likewise, if you have a large patio with plenty of space for grilling, you will probably want to get a bigger grill. If you want your grill to be at least somewhat portable you can get a cart-style. This way it can be moved if needed. If you are not concerned about the grill being mobile, you may want to look into built-in grills. These can go on your patio, but many people like to make them their own space off to the side.

These are just some of the options available to you when it comes to BBQ grills. While you are shopping for them, be sure that you buy the proper grilling tools to go with it. You need some heat-resistant barbeque tongs, and a good grill mitt. Also check into what kind of cleaners you need for the type of grill you get. Since everybody has specific needs when it comes to their grill, there is no shortage to the different options available. You will know when you find the right grill for you, and with the proper care it will last for many years.

Oil Drum BBQ Grill

Oil Drum BBQ Grill

Oil Drum BBQ Grill

An oil drum BBQ is a common do-it-yourself building project for many barbecue enthusiasts. These grills are heavy-duty (when properly constructed) and are often passed down from one generation to the next. Many people have oil drum grills that are over 50 years old and are still working as well as they did they day they were built. The primary components needed for building an oil drum BBQ are an oil drum, some angle iron (or similar material) and some kind of metal grate for use as a grilling surface. The oil drum should be as rust free as possible, which means it might take some extensive searching in order to find one in a workable condition. Once a drum has been located, it will need to be cut in half length-wise. It is highly recommend that you find someone with the proper tools and no-how to do this part of the process for you. Finally, the two halves will need to be joined on one side using some heavy duty hinges, which will create a “clamshell” design, allowing the lid to be easily opened and closed.

Stage two is to build the frame. It is highly recommended that the frame be built from a heavy, metal material. Angle iron works quite well for this application. The frame should be designed as a rectangle, with the interior large enough for the oil drum to sit securely, but small enough so that the drum doesn’t fall through. Once the frame is built, legs will need to be attached. The legs should be securely welded to the frame, and the use of some additional cross beams between the legs is recommended for stability. The length of the legs is determined by how high you want the grill to be situated. Once the frame and legs have been assembled, the oil drum should be seated inside. While it is possible for a properly constructed frame to securely hold the drum without any reinforcement, it is sometimes recommend that a few small welds be used to ensure the drum doesn’t move during use. This is an important safety precaution that should not be overlooked.

An essential element is the grilling surface itself. These can be created from any number of metal grate or mesh materials. If you choose not to create a lid for your barbecue, than the metal mesh can be cut slightly wider than the grill, and then the edges bent downwards. This can then be simply placed over the top of the half-barrel. However, if you choose to make a lid, the grilling surface will have to be cut to fit inside the barrel, which will need to have some small L-shaped brackets welded inside to hold the metal grate material. In either case, the material used should be heavy-duty enough to withstand the extreme temperatures needed for cooking. Steel or cast iron is often recommended. Once completed, an oil drum BBQ can be the focal point for any weekend or holiday party. A homemade barbecue is often a source of pride for the owner, and can be used for decades if properly maintained.

Selecting Built-in Barbecue Grills For Your Patio

Selecting Built-in barbecue Grills

Your outdoor kitchen gets complete with a built-in barbecue grill. An outdoor built-in barbecue grill on your backyard or patio is the best option for those who would like to enjoy weekend parties with family and friends. The pleasure of barbecuing during the summer and enjoying the weather is in itself a wonderful experience. These grills are designed is such a way that it requires little preparation and cleaning. There are various types of built-in grills available on the market offering numerous features. You can also select a grill from various options like propane, natural gas and charcoal. Selecting a built-in grill might be a bit tricky as you can build a grill that will be a part of your outdoor with cabinets attached to it or you can choose a simple grill that can be set into place. Outdoor grill with cabinets is the best option for those having a big backyard where there is enough space to conduct a barbecuing get-together. If you have limited space but still would like to have an outdoor grill than a simple fixed built-in grill is the best option. One important point you must always remember is to take special of your built-in grill by covering it properly and protecting it from the elements.

BBQ Islands

BBQ islands can house portable grills or can permanently contain the outdoor grilling surface. The islands not only give the backyard grill a professional appearance but they add value to the home and are great for organizing. The best part is that these islands can be customized to fit the homeowner’s needs. Pre-made bbq islands save the homeowner the work of having to build one. They are designed to provide plenty of prep space in addition to cupboards and other storage. Some islands even have refrigerators and dishwashers built in. Most bbq islands will need plumbing and electrical lines ran to them. This means that a professional installation is probably best. They do add considerable value to the home but keep in mind some of the best islands can run upwards of $10,000 dollars.

Built-in Barbecue Grills

Built-in Barbecue Grills

BBQ Pits

Pit barbecuing is a method of slow cooking meats in an airless hole or pit, thus smoking the meat while it still retains its delectable moisture. Bbq pits can be made from brick, steel, or even can be simply a hole dug in the ground. The meat cooks slowly for several hours- usually fifteen to sixteen hours. It may be difficult to decide which of the three types of bbq pits to put in the backyard. Brick pits means the homeowner will have to be familiar with masonry so that the pit withstands weather and heat; also it’s important there are no holes for the smoke to escape. Ground pits mean the homeowner will be digging a fairly large hole- at least three feet deep and three feet wide. Steel pits are probably the easiest of the bbq pits to obtain. Traditionally these steel pits were made from old fifty-five gallon steel drums cut lengthwise. Today pits with a similar design can be bought online and have many features that can enhance the experience. Whichever kind of pit is chosen, it’s sure to turn out the most delicious meat the family has ever eaten.

BBQ Island Frames

Having an island for the bbq adds a touch of class to the backyard. The islands not only provide an attractive place to keep the grill but also provide storage for accessories and back up fuel sources. Homeowners can easily build their own islands with bbq island frames. Bbq island frames provide the beginning structure for the islands. The homeowner can then complete the island with materials that match their home. Building a bbq island instead of purchasing one can save a lot of money. Bbq island frames should be made from steel or iron for durability and heat resistance. The islands are often completed with tile, stucco, or even brick. The convenient thing about the frames is the holes for wiring and the grill are already in place so no measuring and configuring is required

Built-in Barbecue Grills

Built-in Barbecue Grill Manufacturers

BBQ Grill Accessories are required for successful grilling

BBQ Grill Accessories

Becoming a grill master doesn’t take much but practice. Certain BBQ grill accessories are almost required for successful grilling though. Often times these accessories can even be purchased in sets for convenience. A good pair of tongs that can grip meat without cutting into it will prove to be invaluable. A bbq fork is the fastest and easiest way to flip meat. A spatula is also critical to flipping hamburgers and should slide easily under food without breaking it up. Some other common bbq grill accessories include a basting brush and skewers. Besides cooking utensils there are also other bbq grill accessories that help maintain your barbecue grill. To keep the grate clean a good grill brush in necessary and items like a propane gauge come in handy often.

BBQ Grill Tips

For those new to barbequing it can be a real challenge, especially when cooking with charcoal. Follow these bbq grill tips to become a grilling pro:

  1. The grill should be at a safe difference from buildings, trees, and plants.
  2. Clean grill racks with a grill brush before grilling for the best flavor and the best heat.
  3. Charcoal needs at least thirty minutes to heat up; the briquettes should have a layer of gray ash.
  4. In general use about thirty briquettes per pound of meat.
  5. Start the charcoal in a pyramid formation, allow the lighter fluid to soak in for several minutes before lighting, after the briquettes are hot then they may be moved to a single layer.
  6. Chimney starters make lighting charcoal a breeze.
  7. Never leave food unattended because of flare-ups.
  8. Sauces containing sugar and fat will cause flare-ups so wait to apply them until the last ten minutes of cooking.
  9. Windy days make for hotter grills.
  10. Don’t puncture meats- they will lose their moisture.
  11. Meat thermometers are the best guide for telling when meat is done.

BBQ Grill Rotisserie Accessories

Meats cooked on a rotisserie are juicer and have delectable slow-roasted flavor. Most people cannot afford a large rotisserie oven but with bbq grill rotisserie accessories the backyard grill can produce delicious meals. Rotisseries cook the meat evenly by slowly turning it near an open flame or other heat source. Traditional bbq grill rotisserie accessories have skewers attached to a motor that turns the skewers slowly. The skewers hold the meat horizontally over the grill, allowing fat to drip away while the meat self-bastes. The trickiest part to these rotisseries is balancing the meat on the skewers and not allowing wings or legs to be scorched by the flame. Bbq grill rotisserie accessories that use a basket or locking racks are easier to use. They hold the meat securely in place, preventing the meat from flopping through the fire. The best rotisseries also have powerful motors that are capable of turning large, heavy cuts of meat.


BBQ Grill Accessories

BBQ Grill Accessories

BBQ Tools

Having the right BBQ tools is crucial for any job, and barbecuing is no exception. Those who have tried to flip a burger without a spatula know how important the right accessories can be. Any decent grill master should have at least a basic set of bbq tools for your Kamado Grill. Cooking utensils are the first thing most think of when it comes to tongs, spatulas, and bbq forks make turning and transferring meat much less difficult. A basting brush allows the cook to keep the meat moist and evenly coated with tasty sauces. Other bbq tools may not directly handle the food but are just as important. A grill brush scrapes off built up char, while some char is good for flavor too much can affect the heat and cause a build-up of lye which is not good for flavor. A propane gauge will also save the griller time- he can monitor gas levels so that there are no surprise shortages during the family cook out.

Quality BBQ Tools

If you do even a moderate amount of barbecuing, you need to get yourself some quality BBQ tools. There are certain things every grill cook should have. These will make you grilling easier and more enjoyable, along with keeping you safe. One of the main items that you should have for grilling is a good set of tongs. You don’t want to be stabbing your food every time you have to turn it, and tongs will fix this. Other quality BBQ tools that you will want include a grilling glove to protect you from flame-ups, and a wire brush for cleaning your grill. If you are looking for a great gift for the grilling enthusiast in your life, you can often find quality BBQ tools in a set. These sets often have tongs, a brush, a basting brush, a glove, and sometimes an apron. You can find these in many different stores and online.

BBQ Hot Dog Tools

Cooking hot dogs on the grill can be tricky. Hot dogs burn quickly and are hard to turn without them rolling away. There are several bbq hot dog tools on the market that make the challenge of hot dogs much easier. The most basic of these bbq hot dog tools is a hot dog stand for the grill. These stands hold the hot dogs several inches above the heat source preventing scorching. The hot dogs will still need to be turned to ensure even cooking. Hot dog rollers and rotisseries are the most convenient bbq hot dog tools. The rollers can be manual or battery powered and allows all the hot dogs to be turned at once. The rotisseries attach to existing rotisseries and turn the hot dogs automatically while holding them far enough above the heat.

Stainless Steel BBQ Accessories

You must have some good tools when you are grilling, and many people prefer stainless steel BBQ accessories. Stainless steel products last a long time, are strong, and look great. If you are looking for some of these, there are many places you can look for them. When you are shopping for stainless steel BBQ accessories, you want to make sure you are getting tools that are a good quality. While everyone wants to get a good deal, you don’t want to buy cheap tools. Even if they say they are stainless steel, give them a good once over to see if they really are of a good quality. Stainless steel BBQ accessories make excellent gifts for the grill enthusiast in your life. They can be bought individually or in sets. A search through a cooking store or online will yield many options for these tools.

Portable Barbecue Grills Come in Many Fuel Type

Portable barbecue grills come in many fuel types. Gas and charcoal grills are the most popular because they can be used anywhere. Electric grills can be portable, but you have to have a power supply to use them, so they may not be the best choice for camping. Many people like portable charcoal grills because they are so easy to use. There are very few moving parts, so there are fewer things to go wrong. Gas grills are also popular. While they have parts that can break, a lot of people like the ability to just put a gas bottle on their barbecue and start grilling.There are many styles of portable barbecues, and you can find one to fit into any budget. If you are just looking for something to go camping for a couple weekends, you can find these anywhere. If you are looking for a grill that will last a long time, you will pay a little more for it, but you will create many memories around it.

Best Portable Barbecue Grills

Best Portable Barbecue Grills is and will always be the first and last choice of an outdoor grilling and barbecuing enthusiast. Even though you may be having the best Portable Barbecue Grills at home but when it comes to outdoor cooking nothing can be compared to a portable grill. These grills are compact, light-weight, easy to set-up and carry. Moreover, these grills are designed to fit most of the vehicles. Every brand and manufacturer of grills does carry a line of portable grills which are available in electric, gas and charcoal versions. Best Portable Barbecue Grills

The advantages of having a portable grill are plenty and it facilitates in preparing you favorite barbecued and grilled food almost anywhere. The Best Portable Barbecue Grills are the perfect option for outdoor events like camping, picnic and enjoying the sun on the beach. Due to the size and design of the grills, it can easily be carried on any vehicle or truck. Some of the portable grills are so light-weight that it can easily be carried on the back while hiking and camping in remote forests.

Best Portable Barbeque Grills

Portable Barbecue Grills

Portable Barbecue Grills

Best Portable Barbecue Grill Manufacturers

Portable Infrared Barbecue Grills

A portable infrared grill will give you all the heat and power of an infrared grill on the go. These are great if you do a lot of traveling and camping. They are also fairly inexpensive for an infrared grill. There are many places where you can use a portable infrared grill. Many people use them for camping, but they are also great for tailgating. If you live in a small place such as an apartment, they are a great way to have a good grill without taking up a lot of space with it. You can do some searching for different types and find the perfect portable infrared grill for your situation. There are different sizes and options, but they will probably run about $500 dollars. This may sound like a lot, but compared to full-sized infrared grills, they are a much more affordable option.

Portable Electric Grill Barbecue

Electric grill barbecue is a step further removed than charcoal options from the tradition method of cooking of a fire. They are also more expensive in general. In spite of this, they have become a significantly more popular choice. This is for a number of reasons. The primary reason that people prefer an electric grill barbecue is due to the fact that they are significantly cleaner. Charcoal styles create ashes which need to be regularly cleared. They are also much cleaner for the environment. Just a regular amount of maintenance ensures that the optimal amount of energy efficiency possible will continue to be maintained. An electric grill barbecue is also much safer than charcoal options. For that reason, charcoal grills may be banned by certain landlords while electric ones are allowed. Of course, the electric designs are a bit more complex. This is why they are more expensive.

Infrared Barbecues Quickly Gaining Popularity with Backyard Chefs

The debate between which type of barbecue, gas or charcoal, is the best just became a bit more complicated. Infrared barbecues are quickly gaining in popularity with backyard chefs throughout the country. These grills are quick to heat up, reduce cooking time, and are exceptionally easy to use.

Infrared Barbecues

A traditional charcoal or gas grill cooks via the convection process. A fuel source (gas, charcoal or wood) is burned, giving off heat. This heat circulates around the food inside the grill, thereby cooking the meat. This method has been the way backyard grills have worked since they were first invented. However, infrared barbecues work in a slightly different manner. Infrared barbeques use tiles, usually made from ceramic, to quickly and efficiently cook the food. As the fuel source is burned, the heat is focused through thousands of microscopic holes in the tiles, thereby producing an extremely hot cooking surface.

This cooking method has several advantages. The number one advantage is a significantly reduced cooking time. The high heat generated by this cooking method means that food can be cooking much faster than any traditional barbeque methods. This reduced cooking time brings about the second advantage of this type of barbeque, and that is less fuel consumption. The less time it takes to cook a piece of meat on a infrared barbecues, the less fuel is required to cook said piece of meat. This is true whether you’re using charcoal or gas as the primary heat source. And because it uses less fuel, it means that you will spend less money to buy fuel for your outdoor grilling activities. It also means that the cook can spend less time slaving over the grill and more time enjoying the company of friends and family.

Cooking with infrared barbecues can also help improve the quality of your finished product as well. Hot air can dry out a steak fairly quickly if not watched carefully. However, the intense heat generated by an infrared barbeque is the ideal way to properly sear the outside of a thick steak while leaving the inside tender and juicy. In most cases, this can be done in just a few short minutes, meaning less time salivating and more time eating.

If you’ve been looking into purchasing one of these infrared barbecues, there are some small disadvantages that should be considered first. While the heat produced by these barbeques is ideal for cooking dense meats such as beef and chicken, it can also ruin a good piece of fish or any grilled vegetables. To help meet the demands of barbeque aficionados many manufacturers are now building grills that have a section dedicated to infrared cooking techniques, and one for traditional grilling. These grills offer the best of both worlds and make it much easier for the cook to meet dietary requests of anyone he/she is cooking for.

The other major disadvantage is that infrared barbecues tend to be a bit on the expensive side. However, it should be noted that as the technology progresses, and their popularity continues to increase, it is fairly certain that these prices will eventually come down.

Infrared Barbecues

Infrared Barbecues

Infrared Gas – Grills

Infrared gas grills are some of the most desirable grills on the market. Their style of cooking is leading-edge, and has been used by many restaurants for a long time. The biggest drawback to these grills is that they are very expensive. Right now the low-end infrared gas grills will cost you over $1,000. The high-end models are many times that amount. But anyone who uses one will say that if you love perfect grilling, the money is well worth it. The patent on this technology has recently expired, allowing many competitors into the field. This has brought a lot of innovation to the sector. Another thing is it causing is a drop in prices. Since there is more competition, the price of one of these grills is going to drop substantially.

There aren’t that many people who understand how an infrared gas grill works. This is mainly because these types of grills are not commonly owned by the average family. Infrared grills are very expensive, and because of that have mostly been owned by restaurants and the wealthy. What makes an infrared gas grill work the way it does is the ceramic plate in it. A flame is focused on this plate, which has a multitude of tiny holes in it. Once it is hot, it is radiating infrared heat, not unlike what we feel coming off the sun. Now that multiple companies have access to this technology and can improve upon it, many variations are coming out. There are now grills that have an infrared burner, charcoal firebox, and standard burner in them. If you can spend the money to get an infrared gas grill, it is well worth it.

Infrared Heat Technology

Infrared technology is considered by many to be the pinnacle of good grilling. It sears the meat and keeps the juices in better than other kinds of grilling. Infrared heat is complicated, but companies that have been doing it for a long time are coming out with even better models. The original infrared heat was created using ceramic plates. Now all-metal infrared grills are coming out, and there are many improvements to these new models. They last longer than the ceramic plates and provide an even better cooking surface. Infrared heat is radiant. The meat is not being burned by flames, and there is very little air moving around cooking the meat, which also dries it out. There are some new cleaning techniques that are needed for the new models, but these are easily mastered.

Propane and Gas Infrared

Barbequing and grilling with the help of an infrared grill is the latest trend amongst homeowners. There are many types of propane & gas infrared grills. The infrared technology was patented till 2000 but now you can get infrared grills being manufactured by various brands. As compared to other types of grills, infrared grills are energy efficient and take less time to cook food. The whole process of barbequing on an infrared grill is done by super-heating a ceramic tile with natural gas or propane which in-turn emits infrared radiation. This radiation cooks the food.

There are lots of advantages while using propane & gas infrared grills. For instance, it evenly distributes heat across the cooking surface and due to very high temperatures one can easily sear items quickly and easily. The food prepared on infrared grill is much juicer and tastes similar to that prepared on a charcoal grill. This is because other grills heat the air to cook food but infrared radiation directly heats the food. There are lots of benefits in using an infrared grill as these grills feature easy to clean mechanism, ignites instantly, provides better heat control and a uniform heat source.Infrared Barbeque Grill Manufacturers

  • Char-Broil

Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ Grills

Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ

Infrared BBQ’s are quickly catching up in popularity to charcoal and gas grills. These grills are designed to maximize efficiency when cooking, and as a result can usually do the cooking in a fraction of the time it would take on any other type of grill. With the right set of barbecue tools, these grills are ideal for cooking up a quick bite to eat. As with gas grills, many people recommend that you use barbecue grill mats between the grill and the patio to keep any dripping grease from damaging the patio surface. If you have any further questions regarding any of the topics covered in this site, please feel free to browse through our learning center. There you will find a host of detailed information regarding a number of barbecue related topics.

Benefits of Infrared BBQ Grills

Cooking with infrared BBQ designs is a grilling option which has been gaining much popularity in recent years. This is because the technology for such grills was patented in earlier history. However, those patents expired in the year 2000. This provided opportunities for companies to further expand upon the product and to offer better deals. As opposed to cooking with infrared BBQ designs, regular grills heat food through either the intermediary of an object or a fluid. In the former case it is referred to as conduction. In the latter, it is convection. Infrared options, other the other hand, utilize radiant heating. Cooking with infrared BBQ systems offers many advantages over tradition ones. Most people associate meat cooked in such ways with a significantly juicier taste. This is attributed to intense heating capabilities of the infrared, which are said to sear the meat’s exterior, locking more flavorful juices within.

Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ Grills

Infrared BBQ Grills

Infrared Cooking

Infrared cooking makes use of infrared energy. This is located on a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum than light. Other areas of this spectrum include radio waves, microwaves, as well as UV, gamma, and x-rays. Unlike regular cooking options, infrared cooking relies upon radiation for heat transfer. Standard cooking means, on the other hand, use either conduction or convection. Conduction transfers heat object to object while convection uses liquid or gas to achieve heat transfer. Radiant heating goes directly from molecule to molecule as opposed to using a middle liquid, solid, or gas. Infrared cooking is highly efficient for this reason. Less energy is lost going through such hoops as having a flame heating air, a radiant, and more air before finally heating one’s food. This latter example is the way in which a traditional grill operates. No heat is lost when you simply make use of radiant heating.

Infrared Grilling

With infrared grilling, you can char the outside of the meat while leaving the inside rare. One of the best things about infrared is that it sears the meat, trapping the juices inside. While traditional grilling can dry the meat, you won’t have this issue with infrared. A flame concentrated on a ceramic plate within the grill is what causes the infrared heat. This can reach temperatures above 700 degrees F. This means faster cooking time, which means less flavor and liquid loss. This is the main reason why so many people recommend infrared grilling. The biggest drawback to these grills is how much they cost. For a long time their high price tag made it difficult for people to get a hold of them. But the patent on them expired recently, so other companies are bringing out cheaper models. Soon, many people will have access to infrared grilling.

Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ Grills Mesh

Benefits of cooking with infrared BBQ grill mesh may be a part of the burner. However, infrared options advertise their non-mesh design. There is a significant reason for why such material choices can be considered ideal. Radiant heating is used when cooking with an infrared BBQ grill. Mesh, on the other hand, is generally a part of traditional options which cook foods by heating the air. Placing food over an open grill allows the hot air to easily surround it. For an infrared BBQ grill, mesh is likely to encourage unnecessary air heating. This represents a loss of energy. For that reason, burner design emphasizes more solid structures. Of course, sometimes the mesh is part of the burner which can have another surface separating it from whatever is being cooked.

Gas Barbecue Grills are Popular BBQ Choice

Gas Barbecue Grills

Gas barbecue grills may incorporate smoker elements into their designs. These additional portions are known as “smoker boxes.” Wood chips may be placed within these metal features. This can encourage a smoky flavor to be added to the grilled foods. In different regions, different materials may be favored for the smoker boxes of gas barbecue grills. For instance, alder was the traditional choice of wood in Europe, though oak is more often preferred today. Popular options in North America include hickory, mesquite, and cherry tree. It could be argued that gas barbecue grills are not ideal for creating a true smoky flavor. This is because the process requires the food to be cooked low and slow. However, it is difficult for a gas barbecue grills to maintain the low temperatures required.

Gas BBQ Grills

A lot of people use gas BBQ grills, and would never dream of using anything else. There are many reasons why so many people love these grills, and every year gas grills just seem to get better. One of the biggest reasons why gas BBQ grills are so popular is their ease of use. You turn the grill on to the temperature that you need it at, and then you walk away until it is heated up. Generally they have a thermometer on them that tells you exactly when they’re ready to be cooked on. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process that you get with charcoal.

Another reason they are used so much is that they are cleaner than charcoal. Gas grills burn cleanly, leaving no hot ash or mess behind them, and a lot of people find this preferable. There is no concern about the ashes being disposed of properly where nobody will burn themselves on them. While there is some debate on it, many people also say that gas just cooks food better. Since gas leaves very little taste on the food, the flavors of the meal are able to come out in full instead of being partially hidden by the taste of the fuel. These grills come in any price of size you could want. You can get portable gas grills that work off of a small bottle of propane. These are very easy to use and durable, and can be taken just about anywhere and used. You can also get very large grill islands and built-in grills that run off of gas.

The size of the grill generally has a lot to do with how much it costs, so you will be able to make some good guesses on what size of grill you will get depending on how much you have to spend. If you want a larger grill at the lowest price possible, you can look for one that has very few other accessories. A grill with a burner, smoker, or rotisserie option will cost a lot more than a grill without these. If you want to get the best cooking available, you may want to check into getting an infrared grill. These are gas BBQ grills that distribute the heat differently. In these grills the gas burner is focused on a ceramic or metal plate that provides a very even distribution of heat. These grills can also reach much higher temperatures than traditional grills. This cuts down on the time the food needs to cook, and also helps to sear in the meat’s juices.

A lot of people who have used infrared grills consider them to be the pinnacle of gas grilling. With a couple ideas of what you do and don’t want, your search through the many gas BBQ grills available will be made much easier. Even though it may seem daunting at first, you will quickly learn what you like, and it won’t be long until you find the perfect grill for your home.

Gas Barbecue Grills

Gas Barbecue Grills

Gas Grills

Gas grills are popular alternatives to the traditional charcoal barbecue. They are easy to use and are much less messy than your standard charcoal grill or smoker. They’re perfect for everything from making a quick snack for yourself, to grilling a meal for all your friends and family.

Gas grills for the backyard first became mass-produced during the 1960’s. They typically use either liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG) as fuel for cooking. The earliest models were designed to be hooked up directly to an existing gas line in the home, and were therefore permanently affixed to the patio. There are plenty of homeowners that continue to use this style of barbecue, as they provide the advantage of never running out of fuel in the middle of cooking, and never having to refill the tank.Modern gas barbecues for the backyard are designed to be easily moved about the patio, and can be easily transported as well. This is achieved through the use of an external gas tank, which eliminates the need for the grill to be attached to any gas line. The tank can be removed from the grill in order to make it more convenient to take to a refilling station. It is important that safety be kept in mind whenever a propane or natural gas tank is used. First, the valve should be completely shut off whenever the grill is not in use, or when removing the tank for refilling. Secondly, these tanks should also be periodically inspected to make sure there are no breaks in any seals and to ensure the tank is in proper working order. A faulty tank should be replaced immediately.For more elaborate outdoor cooking centers, gas grills are the favorite type of barbecue. Many homeowners invest a great deal of time and money into creating a fully-functioning backyard kitchen. These often include small refrigerators, sinks, counter space, and of course a high quality grill. This type of set-up almost always includes a gas grill that is permanently attached to a gas line, but there are exceptions.Many real barbecue enthusiasts often point out the disadvantages of cooking with gas grills. The primary complaint is that a gas barbecue does not produce the same smoke-infused flavor that is a staple of grilling with charcoal. Gas barbecues are also generally more expensive than their charcoal counterparts. Because of the many components of a gas grill, they also require more maintenance than does a charcoal grill, which can be a bit of a concern for some. There are, however, some advantages to going with a gas-powered barbecue. The number one advantage is convenience. Gas grills do not require nearly as much prep time as does a charcoal grill. With charcoal, the briquettes have to be lit and allowed to burn down to grey coals before cooking can begin. This can often take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to accomplish, depending on the size of the grill and the number of briquettes. However, with gas you simply light the grill, wait about 5-10 minutes for it to reach the appropriate temperature, and cooking can begin.

Gas BBQ cooking

Gas BBQ cooking has seen many developments in recent years. An example of this is the inclusion of an infrared radiant burner. Such a feature will usually be attached at the rear of the grill enclosure. The purpose of incorporating an infrared burner into gas BBQ cooking is to provide even radiant heat. For that reason, this type of thing is intended to be used with a horizontal rotisserie. A piece of meat will be placed on a metal skewer that is rotated by an electric motor. Gas BBQ cooking may also involve a flattop grill. This appliance resembles a griddle. However, it features a circular heating element as opposed to a straight, side to side one. This is also designed for more uniformity and intensity. A gas BBQ grill will use either propane or natural gas as its fuel source. The food will then be cooked by either one of two ways. The first happens directly by the flame. For the second, cooking may occur indirectly through grilling elements.

There are many options available when it comes to gas BBQ grill types. For instance, a person may person a size which is so small that it can only serve a single steak. On the other hand, restaurant grills are often capable of cooking enough food to serve a hundred people or more. There is a standard gas BBQ grill design. This is called the cart grill design. A wheeled frame holds the fuel tank as well as the grill. It may have other features built onto it, however. Side tables and storage areas are a couple examples of such inclusions.

Guide to Natural Gas Grills

Natural gas grills are the latest and the best addition for backyard grilling and barbecuing. These natural gas grills are available with conversion kits whereby you can easily convert most propane gas grills into natural gas grills. All you need to do is change the regulator as propane gas burns three times faster than natural gas. Apart from this a natural gas grill is very convenient and cheaper to operate. The overall setup is simple, easy to maintain and cleaning is hassle free as compared to its counterparts.Natural gas grills are best suited for backyard weekend parties. Nowadays natural gas is being supplied directly to your hose so the fear of running out of fuel is negligible. You can just enjoy a wonderful grilling and barbecuing experience in a simple and cost effective way. As compare to charcoal and propane, the cost per BTU supplied to your grill through natural gas is cheap. Natural gas is considered as the green alternative to your outdoor grilling and is safe for your health and the environment.

Natural Gas Barbecue Grill Manufacturers

  • Weber

Natural Gas Barbecue Grill Reviews Best Resource Regarding Infrared BBQ Grills

With summer in full swing, the smell of barbecue is in the air. Friends and family are gathering in backyards all across the country to enjoy the great weather and good times that summer is well known for, and nothing adds to summer fun like a good old fashioned barbecue. It’s a pastime that is as American as baseball and apple pie.

Best Resource Regarding Infrared BBQ Grills is the internet’s best resource for all things regarding infrared BBQ grills. Our site is dedicated to providing the public with information about the advantages of using an infrared grill, as well as a host of other barbecue related topics. We love barbecue, cooking safely and we want to share our knowledge and experience with fellow barbecue enthusiasts. So, whether you’re a novice griller, or a seasoned veteran, you’ve come to the right site.

In the United States, barbecue history has been influenced primarily by the southern states, especially those along the Gulf Coast. Barbecues were common for many occasions including family events, church functions and political rallies. It is largely believed that southern barbecue, as we know it today, is a descendant of a method of cooking over hot coals, known as barbecoa and common to the West Indies.

From this style of cooking came a host of modern barbecuing techniques. Many homeowners build permanent barbecue pits in their backyards in order to create a true, southern-style barbecue experience. Barbecue smokers are also quite popular. While these can be purchased through a number of sources, the best examples are often homemade. A barbecue smoker can be easily built at home using a 55 gallon steel drum, some metal grating and a few pieces of angle iron. There are numerous sources on the internet that offer plan sets and short video clips to help you build your very own backyard smoker.

Many people go “whole hog” when it comes to their outdoor cooking set-up. Entire outdoor kitchens can be constructed to make the grilling experience that much more enjoyable. Many of these include barbecue islands, which serve the same purpose as a common kitchen island. Refrigerators, sinks, and ample counter space are all staples of the best cooking islands. These are most often situated near the grill for convenience.

Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ Grills

Infrared BBQ Grills

Barbeque Grills has become a more refined

Barbeque Grills has become a more refined and tastier process

Barbeque Grills have the capabilities to cook almost anything you can think of. From Chicken to steak, to burgers and dogs, to fish and ribs to even pizza, it can all be cooked up.People have been barbequing since the invention of fire. So that is definitely a long time ago, and yet, Barbeque is as popular as ever. With the advent of Barbeque Grills, grilling has become a more refined and tastier process.

Barbeque Grills

The origins of both the activity of barbecue cooking and the word itself are somewhat obscure. Most etymologists believe that barbecue derives ultimately from the word barbacoa found in the language of the Taíno people of the Caribbean. The word translates as “sacred fire pit”. Because of the sophistication of many Barbecue Chefs, the foods you can taste and experience have grown by leaps and bounds. Grilling is a great way to get family and friends together and have a good time. Many people can help with the Barbeque Grilling process, which is another way to bring everybody together. People love to eat barbequed food. Whether it is a hamburger or hot dog, these foods just taste better hot off the grill, than they do on a stove or oven. Steaks on the grill are unbelievable. The flavor is intense, and the steak stays juicy and delicious. Cooking a steak over a hot flame is the absolute best way to cook steaks each and every time.

barbecue grills

barbecue grills

Barbecuing encompasses three distinct types of cooking techniques. One type is charbroil-grilling over direct dry heat on a ribbed surface, usually a hot fire for a short time. A similar technique is griddling over direct dry or moist heat on a flat surface over a hot fire, at the same pace as charbroiling. Grilling may be done over wood, charcoal, gas (natural gas or propane), or electricity. Another technique is braising, which combines direct dry heat charbroil-grilling on a ribbed surface with a broth-filled pot for moist heat, cooking at various speeds throughout the duration (starting fast, slowing down, then speeding up again, lasting for a few hours). The other technique is cooking by using indirect heat or low-level direct radiant heat at lower temperatures (usually around 240°F) and significantly longer cooking times (several hours), often with smoke.

While the number of BTUs that a grill generates contributes to the maximum heat that a grill can reach it is not the only factor. It is very difficult to determine the heat output of a grill from just the BTU rating. Size, materials, design all play a role in how much heat you are going to get so don’t buy a grill simply because it has a high BTU rating. Compare that number to the square inches of primary grilling area to get an idea of how well this Barbeque Grill might heat. As a very general rule of thumb you want to see about 100 BTUs for each square inch, or at least somewhere in that range. For example a Barbeque Grills with 500 square inches and 50,000 BTUs from the main burners probably produces a good amount of heat.

Barbeque Grill

A barbeque grill can cook food using gas, charcoal, pellets, or electricity. Choosing the right grill is partly a matter of preference, grill safety and also a matter of cost. A grill choice will usually be based on taste, cost, and fuel source. For those concerned most with taste, a charcoal or pellet barbeque grill is best. Charcoal gives food a great grilled flavor, the disadvantages charcoal is that it takes a while to heat up and charcoal briquettes cost more than propane refills. A pellet grill uses hardwood pellets as the fuel source and provides the ultimate in wood-fired flavor, the pellets and the grill are expensive and hard to find though.

Cost is usually the main determiner for most people when buying a barbeque grill. Gas grills cost just a little more initially (ranging from$100- $10,000) but save money on fuel in the long run. Charcoal grills are relatively inexpensive (from $50- $2,000) but the briquettes are not. Gas grills are the most common in the United States and some of that has to do with the fact that they can heat up quickly whereas charcoal takes twenty to thirty minutes to heat up.